Beautiful Star: The Songs Of Odetta limited edition digipak CD

Image of Beautiful Star: The Songs Of Odetta limited edition digipak CD

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A benefit compilation curated by Wears The Trousers magazine

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Limited edition digipak with silk-screened CD

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All profits are being split between two UK women's charities:
The Fawcett Society
Women’s Resource Centre


01 Linda Draper – Sail Away Ladies
02 Ane Brun – If I Had A Ribbon Bow
03 Gemma Ray – 900 Miles
04 Anaïs Mitchell – All My Trials
05 Haunted Stereo – Santy Anno
06 Madam – Waterboy
07 Sandy Dillon - Can't Afford To Lose My Man
08 Ora Cogan – Motherless Child
09 Josephine Oniyama – The Gallows Pole
10 Pepi Ginsberg – Beautiful Star
11 Society Of Imaginary Friends - Another Man Done Gone
12 Marissa Nadler - All My Trials
13 Kelli Ali – All The Pretty Little Horses
14 Katey Brooks – What A Friend We Have
15 Liz Durrett – Chilly Winds
16 Arborea – This Little Light Of Mine

* * *

“The first thing that turned me on to folk singing was Odetta”
– Bob Dylan

“Odetta was a goddess. Her passion moved me. I learned
everything she sang” – Joan Baez

“If only one could be sure that every 50 years a voice and a soul like Odetta's would come along, the centuries would pass so quickly and painlessly we would hardly recognise time” – Maya Angelou

* * *


"Where this compilation has really succeeded quite magnificently is in the remarkable coherence that it has managed to bring to this fairly disparate collection of artists. Where all too often 'Various Artists' releases can simply sound like a random agglomeration of songs with very little connection, here there is a very recognisable sense of the album as a complete and whole entity." **** - MusicOMH

"The artists here are well chosen, and so – unlike so many mixed-bag tribute compilations - Beautiful Star comes across as a consistent piece overall, with sparse, atmospheric song settings and an abundance of female musicians from the weird, raw, and ethereal end of the folk spectrum whose interpretations only beg deeper appreciation through multiple listens." – Cover Lay Down